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Pop Ups & Holidays

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Pop Ups

 Want to visit the Bakeshop? We open our doors every 1-2 months for our themed Pop Up days. We'll fill the dessert case with seasonal sweets and will post the menu on social media a few days prior so you can make your list before arriving! A line forms outside the bakery anywhere from 1-2 hours prior to our doors opening and we typically sell out early, so have a game plan (we move through the line quickly). Since we are not open on a daily basis, this is your chance to visit the bakery. Many of the items we create for Pop Ups are unique to those days and won’t be found on our custom order menu.

Next Pop Up- Details Soon!
Saturday, August 24

Bakeshop: 4505 Park Blvd N Suite 5, Pinellas Park, FL 33781

Pop Ups

Holiday Pre-Orders

We offer curated dessert menus around most major holidays. When a menu is available, it can be found in our online shop (just click the button below) and items will be available for pre-order. Once you pre-order, you will be guaranteed those items (no fear of us selling out), plus you won’t have to wait in line. Some of the most frequent items found on the menus are dessert samplers, colorful macaron boxes, seasonal cake flavors, pies & more!

Holiday Collections
Coming Later This Year!
Holiday Pre-Orders
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